Increasing demands on the reliability of infrastructure and data networks, we put emphasis on the quality and stability of the infrastructures under construction. We have highly qualified staff to supply and install third-party network operation and maintenance technologies.


  • wireless: we have experience in transferring converged data (voice, image, data) to the wireless infrastructure we supply and design – wireless links in unlicensed 5 GHz band.
  • metallic: supply of active and passive elements, switchboards, racks, network measurement and certification
  • Optical: comprehensive services from design, material delivery, implementation and measurement. We supply both single-mode and multimode fibers


  • study: choice and optimization of infrastructure, sizing of passive and active elements with respect to expected bandwidths, comparison of price sessions
  • project: implementation projects including itemized work and material report, documentation of existing solutions
  • realization: installation of cable distribution, configuration of active and passive network elements
  • Measurements, Revisions and Certifications: We make final measurements and attestations for optical and metallic networks not only for our deliveries, but also for other companies that have only done assembly. We also provide independent measurements in case of supplier-customer disputes and evidence in certified measuring instruments
  • service: providing warranty and post-warranty service

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